Wutung Engineering Co. Ltd. was established in Hong Kong since 1979 and dedicated herself to the development of printing industry, combining design, production, sales and service together.

Wutung owns two manufacturing plants and service center located in Panyu, Guangzhou and Changan, Dongguan. Today, Wutung Group has been developed with three subsidiaries for different product lines: Wutung Engineering Co. Ltd., Sun Kong Screen Printing Equipment Ltd, Co., and Do.Well Swiss Ltd, Co.,. The group expand its product range from traditional pad printing and screen printing machines to all kinds of automatic printing equipments, flexographic presses and automatic assembly production line.

Wutung Engineering Co. Ltd. works on the production of pad Printing Equipments, provide one to six colors with optional sizes and pad printing consumables.

Sun Kong Screen Printing Equipment Ltd, Co. joined Wutung Engineering Ltd in 1987; today Sun Kong works on the design and production of automatic screen printing equipments and its accessories.

Do.Well Swiss Ltd, Co. is a China and Swiss joint venture company to meet the needs of modern printing equipments, providing multi-functional printing presses into the market.

Wutung supplies high-standard customize service in the market. Our service team adjust and amend the machines base on user's requirement, all of our machines are unique products specially designed for our customers.

We deeply believe the service quality is as important as the product quality. In order to provide more according to customer's need, Wutung established service centers in different cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tsingtao, Ningbo, Shantou, Shenzhen and Sichun etc.

Also to provide our professional services to the global market, Wutung has established a sales and service networks in U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia and more, supporting our customize service without distances.

Wutung, more than just printing¡K¡K