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Who we are

With more than three decades of experience, we develop and manufacture different types of printing equipment for various types of industries. Equipped with ever-evolving technology and customers' needs, printing machines developed deliver quality output of high precision and efficiency on containers and articles, so that the products be introduced to the market in an appealing manner.


Diverse collection of printing machines
Pad printing, silk printing and closure/offset printing machines of high efficiency are designed for different industries, types of articles, surfaces and materials.

Global sales and distribution network
Distribution centers and service centers are established across China and overseas for effective communication with clients.

Rigid quality control
Our quality of management is recognized by Quality Management System ISO 9001.

A diverse collection of printing machines
for your business' needs.

Closure printing like no other.
Wutung® automatic closure
offset printing series

Designed for bottle cap printing of a cost-effective and efficient production, Wutung closure offset printing series is equipped with magnetic printing and control interface touch screen. The design facilitates color-on-color printing with accurate registration, enabling the containers to have an distinct and vivid appearance.

What we offer

Our products lines include pad printing machines, silk printing machines and closure printing machines, with semi-automatic and automatic control options available. Each machine is designed and manufactured with high precision and caters different printing needs. It can be modified upon clients' request.


Print Master® pad printing series
Ideal for environmentally friendly and cost-effective business, the machines are suitable for various products with irregular shape or non-smooth surface.

Sun Kong® silk printing series
This series suits plastic bottles and soft tubes, and other plastic packaging products of different shapes and surfaces.

Wutung® automatic closure offset printing series
Designed specifically for bottle cap printing, the machines facilitates color-on-color printing with accurate registration.

Industrial printing equipment developed
and manufactured with global standard.

Why choose us

We value quality in machines and effectiveness in manufacturing process like you, so we put incessant effort to refine the manufacturing system and create innovative patented ideas recognized by national and international standards.


Our certificate of Quality management system ISO 9001 is issued by BSI group, a business standard company based in the United Kingdom with office across the globe.

With high emphasis on research and innovation, we develop a number of pad printing machines, flexographic machines and printing components, granted patent by State Intellectual Property Office of the P. R. C.

Most of machinery in production is originated from Germany, Italy and Japan.


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