1. ˇ§Wutungˇ¨ Pad printing machines
It can used on toys, electronics, and other consumer products with irregular shape or non-smooth surface. It is easy to use, and the printing image is precise and perfect. PAD printing machine is categorized by its number of color(s): from one color to six colors. Moreover, it is categorized by its transporting method: pushing & pulling type; rotating type; and oil cup machine.

2.ˇ§SKˇ¨ Screen printing machine:
It can be used on plastic bottles, plastic soft tubes, and all plastic packaging products for cosmetics, food & beverage, stationery, laundry, and all other industries. It adopts the mechanical synchronization design principle, and reliable micro-computer controls. It has high automation standard, wide range of printing colors, and user-friendliness characteristics.

3.Offset Printing machine:
It can be used on all types of bottle caps, including drinking bottles & wine bottles. It has thin printing ink layer, high printing speed, and high efficiency.

4.Other Printing machine accessories:
We sell many types of printer inks, PAD printing plastic, squeegee slice, oil brush, screen printing squeegee plastic, screen printing frames, and many other printing accessories.